Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ben Babylon Band (I): Alex Andrews, drummer

To play with a genious like Ben, you need to be so good, almost to reach his level. And Alex does. His passion on music started long time ago: "Since I was young, I've always loved to play drums. I started playing when I was 2, and I got my first drumset when I was 3. Throughout the year, I have enjoyed it more and more, and this is definitely what I want to do with my life". He has it clear. I like that guy, he's a very good drummer. "I love playing drums and I will always work at being a famous drummer when I grow up". Sure! Let's know a little bit more Alex and his job in the Ben Babylon's Band.

Which are your influences, Alex?

When i was young i was influenced by jazz fusion, Jazz, Rock and Roll, and Funk. At 10 years old, i started to enjoy more hard rock music. Finally to this day (which started at 12), i really enjoy progressive rock, progressive metal, Progressive jazz metal, jazz, pop, and ADORE short ambient pieces of music that just make you want to go into another world. I love very quiet music, and very loud music. Depends on my emotions at the time. 

How's Ben as an artist and his best abilities?

Ben has so many ideas, and so many interesting things that he has shown us. His best abilities are his piano, because he just absolutely kills at it. He has played possibly the best piano solos I've ever heard in a long time. His vocals add to the experience that he creates in his music. He is an amazing musician. Ben is extremely talented and I'd definitely call him an artist

Completely agree! I coudn't say it better! And which song of the set you're playing do you like most to play?

I think Dorky Loves Doughnuts and Different Meanings are two amazing songs that will go far. 

Great! Finally, some words to Ben for Xmas:

Hey Ben! Have a great christmas, hope you get lots of presents, hope to see you gain sometime, MERRY XMAS!

Thanks so much, Alex, and Happy Xmas for you both, guys!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Xmas Time With Ben Babylon

Hello Babylonists, hello dreamers. This is Christmas time and it's the start of a series of articles related to Ben. 2012 has been a very wonderful year for Ben, he played very important venues and he ran his band. Christmas seems a very special ocasion to surprises. And Ben agreed to answer a little questionaire just a way to learn more from him. Obviously with only a few questions it's not possible to learn everything about him, but yes a little bit. And I give him a try and he accepted. Questions are running from A to Z, talking about very different matters. 

Join us on his Xmas time because This Is Ben Babylon, from A to Z.

One animal?
Any kind of zebroid — a hybrid of a zebra and any other equine. They are so cool! Look them up!

One book?
For fiction I would have to say “The Mysterious Benedict Society” and for non-fiction I would have to say the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.

One cartoon?
Cyanide And Happiness.

One dream for sale?
A man with a bird’s head in the desert searching for a teenage god.

One entertainment?

One food?
A burrito from chipotle.

One girl?
Norah Jones.

One historical character?
Either President Theodore Roosevelt or President Andrew Jackson.

One idol?
Definitely Steve Jobs.

One joke?
The word “joke.”

One knowledge of life?
Knowledge of life? I just turned 15.

One language to learn?
Spanish is what I am learning currently.

One movie?
The Prestige.

One nightmare?
I don’t believe in nightmares.

One only slogan?
"Why join the navy if you can become a pirate?" -Steve Jobs

One place to visit?

One quote on Guy Babylon?
Are there words to describe such a person? He was an amazing person, and I’ll leave it at that.

One restaurant?
Yamato in Agoura Hills.

One song?
Bohemian Rhapsody

One team?
Lakers! Even though they are pissing me off . . .

One university?
I don’t know, can’t pick.

One venue to play in future?
The Wiltern.

One word?

One Xmas wish?
I have no wish.

One youtube video?
Either “Drinking Outta Cups” or “Can I Have Your Number.”

One zodiacal sign?