Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tsssst tsssst tssssst!!!! Wake Up, Ben!!!!!

Ben!!!! This is Jack Rabbit, please weak up!!! Yes, Jack Rabbit, Jack Rabbit!!!!! From Spain!!! Remember me? Are you sleeping, do you, right? Wake up!!! Do you know what's today??? Turn On the Radio, Turn On the Radio!!!!! But on 1400 KKZZ not other, eh?

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Happy Birthday, Ben!!!! That incredible and great Freeman Michaels always ready to be on your side, today too!!! That's a nice person!!!! You couldn't imagine Freeman would wake you up today, hey? He made a pause on his succesful radio programme "Freeman Michaels Show", "the inspirational radio for life-long learners" he says. Wow!!!! That's great!!!!

Oh, it's earlier in the morning but we have so much things to do!!! Just listen this old Rabbit!!!! You know it's your Birthday, right?

You know how much we love you, true? So don't make noise, just follow me, we are invited to a party, to some parties? whatever!!!!! Just believe in me, dress up fast, take everything needed and follow me!!!

First Stop: Japanese B-Day Party

Well, we arrive to the first station of our journey. Japan. Precisely, surrounding Kyoto, we have a friend waiting. Please, knock on the door: “Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That’s Noriko Sakabe, how are you? Noriko likes reading, writing, gardening and, specially, talking with Japanese Elton fans and with her daughter. Yes, Noriko?

Happy Birthday Ben Babylon!!

You make me encourage to choose to have positive attitude every day.
With love for you and your music!!”

Oh, Noriko, thanks so much. “It was a wonderful experience for me to see the Elton John band members in person every time. Specially I loved Guy Babylon on stage. I used to turn to look into the left side of Elton’s position. Guy !”


And what do you recommend from Japan to see? If traditional culture is your thing, you can spend weeks in cities such as Kyoto and Nara, gorging yourself on temples, shrines, kabuki, ō (stylised dance-drama), tea ceremonies and museums packed with treasures from Japan's rich artistic heritage. If modern culture and technology is your thing, Japan's cities are an absolute wonderland. Oh, thanks so much, Noriko, you’ve been so kind with us.

What time is it? It’s late here, you have to sleep. Maybe we should continue our travelling plan, we have to go to other country. Bye!!!!

Next Stop: Polish B-Day Party

“Hello!!!!!!!!!!!, anyone there????” The greatest Dagmara Lakomi.

Best wishes Ben! I wish You luck in Your musical life!!! Enjoy playing with Elton ;)

Oh, thank you, Dagmara. She’s one of the most passionate fans of Elton, “It was on September 2nd 2oo6. He was performing a concert in Sopot. My mum encouraged me to watch that event on TV. I didn't know about him at all then, and I did.” Always is great to remind Elton’s first experience. She’s also so supportive to the Babylonist cause, so it’s great to be here.

I love sport and animals”, as you Ben, “Ben plays soccer, a good mid-field player, eh, Ben?”. And your country? Krakow is the perfect introduction for the first time visitor to Poland. The city was left unscarred by the Second World War and today stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Warsaw is a city with a point to prove. Overlooked by many tourists for the more obvious delights of Krakow, Warsaw has more than enough sights to cater for the "city break" tourist. Right, Dagmara? "Warsaw isn't the prettiest city in Poland. You should visit Bielsko-Biała ;);)Zakopane and Sopot because there is a beautiful habitat. I like nature more than monuments personally ;)but if You want to see buildings You may come to Warsaw and Kraków or Gdańsk and of course B-B;)". Oh, great then!!!!

We must go, Dagmara, so sorry. A pleasure to have seen you. Bye!!!!

Next Stop: Chzechian B-Day Party

Hello!!!!!!!! What’s happening here???? Oh, the Tišik’s family!!!!!! Hello you all!!!! Hi, Ben Tišik, nice to see you too!!!

My mom Chiara is a italian nurse, my Uncle Robert Eduard Vecchio is a storyteller and poet. We are a large family. We live in a small village near the woods. We are Eltonites! All!”. Right Ben!!!! But what’s all of this? Oh, great!!! Look Ben, some presents for you.

Chiara Canino-Tisik is a talented artist, I will add. Look at the beatiful postcard she did. Wow, that’s chocolate? Jack Rabbit’s crazy with the chocolate. Stand up, Rabbit!!! “I am a nurse / health visitor for the blind and physically handicapped persons and sometimes I play in a band as a drummer” Really???? Wow, didn’t knew that. Oh, that’s great!!!! You’re very popular in facebook for your very beatiful postcards, I have one, it’s on my eltonites blogsite, you were so nice to send me that wonderful card.

Hi Robert Eduard Vecchio, another artist of the family. What a beatiful card too, Rob! “I'm a writer, poet, charity volunteer, percussionist and keyboardist. disability pensioner” oh, now I understand why the fan of John Mahon Czechian Club is... you!!!! A percussionist like you. Wow!!! “And since August 2010 I was the director of the Elton John fan club "Nikita.CZ". I am a fan of those websites, really. Love it so much.

Hi Samuel J. Tisik, the sound engineer and teacher of the family “and caring for horses and nanny”: Oh, you’re very busy, really. I love your postcard for Ben, too!!! That’s wonderful!! Someone said me that you’re a trekkie. Ahhhhhh, and an eltonite I suppose!!! Right!!!

And Mia Rachel? How are you, dear friend? That’s really a very beatiful postcard!!! The cake!!! Couldn’t forget the cake!!! “I love talking to people.” Oh,so what do you recommend about your country, then? Prague is a great town for walking, as the historic district is compact, interesting and full of fun things to see and do. In addition, Prague's history has been well preserved and Praga has become of tourist favorite for a day or two stay. Oh, beatiful city to live. Ben, we could come here other time, with more time, and not have to rush around.

Finally, the treasure of the family, and a really good friend of both. That’s a wonderful present for Ben Babylon, boy. Open hands, a nice friendship sign, a piano on a glass ball, so enjoyable!!! I am sure you boys have a lot of things to speak, really, but I am afraid it’s time. We have to goodbye, sorry.

Continue in what you do! Write music! Because your music is wonderful, great, fantastic! We love it!” Ben to Ben. “He is an amazing man! Wonderful musician! I can never find the right words when I talk about you. But thank God for that, Ben knows.

Yes, you know Ben. That’s a very beatiful friendship. Oh, Ben, Tišik, this time, why don’t you join us on the travelling plan and come with us? I am sure Chiara would love it, right? Trust in Jack Rabbit, Chiara.

“There’s No Goodbyes On The Road”, Chiara, I love that quote to and really appropiated now. Thanks for all, having a good time here too. Bye!!!!

Next Stop: Italian B-Day Party

Ciao Italy!!!! We’re here!!! The Bens and the rabbit. Ahhhhhhhhh those italian babylonists friends, miss you so much!!!!

Oh, that beatiful Silvia Corsaletti, welcoming us with that beatiful and heartfelt poster. We all love Ben’s “Goodbye Superman” song.

“Life is wonderful even if sometimes if it seems so hard!” nice line, but as Elton says “if your friends are there, then everything is alright”. Good quote too!!! “I love the EJ Band! Special for me is Nigel Olsson I had the pleasure of meeting him in person backstage at a concert by Elton in London several years ago. Couldn't forget Guy Babylon, his memory will stay forever in my heart!” oh, Silvia, that’s so nice. Silvia is a kind of friend she’s always there, on your side, a very special person. A true eltonite for sure: “I would like to ask to him how he feels during the concerts and what he thinks, while he sits there to sing in front of us and we cry for him! A curious question isn't it?” oh, Ben could answer that very soon, eh? Good!!!!

Here a very friend of mine, my italian brother, Andrea Sganzerla. He sent me postcards for you, Ben, I’ve got it home, recall me to give them to you, please, Ben.

Dear Ben,

Music let everyone be a better person and it has also changed my own life. However, few artists can change the music and make it great. May you be one of these!

Take care your friend and fan from Venice

Ahhhh Venice, that romantic place!!! Your postcards from Venice are the most wonderful ones I’ve ever seen. Guess what, Bens? We couldn’t stop talking about Elton when we meet, right, Andrea? “The episode that has changed my life was the concert in the arena of Verona in 1989!!!! Was my first big concerts: and after that, I've seen live many time Elton and many many best artist of the world”, yes, and Ben following hehe “My girl Elena is a fan too!! Take care having a great birthday!!!!” Ahhhhh regards to the wonderful Elena, Andrea. Wish you all the best.

Oh, can you hear this music? Listen!!!! That’s “Friends” right? That’s Elton? No, but it sounds maybe better than his version!!!! Ahhhhhh that white piano!!! Such amazing experience. Look, Giorgio Onorato Aquilani and you, Ben, have played with John Mahon!!! Other time, the three together, promise me? Yes, Giorgio,

“Dearest Ben

In this special day you're placing a new important brick on that weird road of yours called life... Use all your talent to become huge star and a better man. We're here to support, waiting to live our emotions through the sound of your music.


Giorgio, you’re such a talented artist. You and Ben will fight for Number 1 soon. Thanks so much for your song, Giorgio. It’s a pity, but we have to leave Italy!!!

People, we come back again soon!!!! Bye!!!!

Next Stop: Scottish B-Day Party

Yuhuuuu!!!! Who’s there? Ohhhhh, that incredible Wendy Mullen, the scottish eltonite!!! Ahhhhh such nice to see you, Wendy. Do you have place for three huckleberry friends? Hahahahaha, I will present you Ben, Ben Babylon.

Dear Ben,

Have a wonderful birthday, you are such a talented young man and we are all so proud of you. Have a fun day !

Ben Tisik join us in our journey!!! Wendy is a very special friend from facebook. Anywhere to visit? I heard that Edinburgh has everything: high culture and haute couture, stand-up comedy and country walks, and of course Edinburgh Castle, perched on its volcanic crag overlooking the mediaeval buildings of the 'Old Town' and the magnificent Georgian architecture of the 'New Town'. We must go there, boys!!!!

Thanks Wendy, for all, bye!!!!

Next Stop: Spanish B-Day Party

Barcelona!!!!!!! My hometown!!! Bens, I could not wish anything else. You will love that city, for sure!!! And you will meet my family!!! Yep!!! Jack Rabbit running home. Before going there, we have to stop in Mollerussa, a couple of friends are inviting us, let’s go there!!!



What a wonderful surprise, Mariona & Andreas, very special people. I told Ben’s we should stop here before going home. Let’s chat about music, Andreas is a master in music, really.

Well, my home. My family here.

Happy Birthday Ben Babylon!!!! Miquel’s so fan of you, maybe more than Elton”.

Hahahaha, Jack Rabbit’s got so much energy for both Elton and Ben, hahahaha. Ben, I will show you the city, go to launch, some walk to the sea. Ahhhh Nil have something for you: ohhhhh!!!! You’re so kind Nil, “Gràcies”. Nil is an artist too, he made this picture of you, by you. The lovely Nil and beatiful Laura, my favourite nephew and niece, love them so much. Both are drums players, so much noise. Uppps!!! Ok! Ok!!! Hahahahaha

Next Stop: Brazilian B-Day Party

Not tired, boys? We crossed the Atlantic, we are in South America!!!! Brazil, ahhhh those so much passionate eltonites from Brazil. Hi there!!!!!!!!!! Hi girls, miss ya so much!!!

“Happy Birthday Ben.....Hope your day is great and I wish you many blessings in the years ahead!!!!!!!!!!”

Ahhhh that great Ana Sousa. “Living in South America is hard for an Elton fan, not only because he does not perform here regularly, but also because it’s very difficult to find items related to him, except for his albums. I would say to all of the Elton fans around the world to never lose an opportunity of attending one of his concerts. They are the best, you won’t regret. It’s the best experience you can ever live.” Right!!!! That’s true!!!!

Leila Santiago!!!!! So nice to see you too!!! Oh, that’s wonderful!! “It was marvellous when I was in Las Vegas to see "Red Piano" in 2008. I can see Elton. I sat in third row and vision angle was Elton and Guy Babylon. I laugh all the time because I fulfilled my dream”. “Song From America”: I love it, pretty beatiful. I didn't know anything about this song, but it's an incredible song, thanks Leila. Milton Nascimiento is a great artist for sure, I know about him "Nada sera como antes" or "Tudo che voce queria ser", great songs, classics, but not this one. “The translation is the message to Ben: Song of America”. Thanks!!!

Vera Rio!!!!!! “It's a simple message but "... it's the best I can do ...", with love for this wonderful boy!” Ahhhhhh wonderful!!!!!!! You’re so kind too!!! “I love going to the beach, enjoy the sun, walk in the sand. I also like reading (any literary genre) and being with friends to talk, listen to good music and relax from the stressful routine of work. At last but not at least, to contact with other Elton's fans (in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and around the world via the web). After all we just form a big family!”. Right, you’re a big family!!! Muito Grato, Brazil!!!!!

Next Stop: Argentinian B-day Party

Hola!!!!!!!! Ahhhh Silvines, Soledad, Patricia!!! Community!!! Thanks so much for inviting us.

Oh, that great Silvines, thaks so much for that beatiful present!!!! Love It!!!! Thanks Argentina!!!! The story of Elton’s Argentinian fan’s club is so interesting. They began calling theirselfs “Sacrifice For Elton”, because he couldn’t get so much support from the Elton’s record company to officialize a fanclub; then they became “Captain Fantastic fan’s club”. It’s the story of an internet pre-era when it was so much difficult to share experience with other eltonites.

But you did it so well, Silvines. A website, a facebook group, wow!!! So great!!! Thanks to Adriana, Dario and the rest of the people for being so kind with Elton and with Ben too!!!! Muchas gracias, amigos y amigas!!!!

Last Stop: United States' B-Day Party

Ben, Babylon, do you recognize this? Ahhhhhhh, America. Again, America!!!! We travelled around the world, we went to Asia, Europe and America, finally back home, eh?

This wonderful ladies are inviting you to a party!!! A the US Babylonists community couldn’t forget you!!!! Hi all, girls!!! Thanks so much for the invitation!!!

Ben, wishing you the BEST birthday ever!! May all the musical excitement you've experienced so far, be only "a dip in the waters of the BIG OCEAN" for you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!! ♥”

Pam Quier, from Brentwood, CA.

Dear Ben, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You have amazing talent and I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Keep rocking!'

Karen Rooney, from St. Louis, MO.

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Ben!!!!

Lucy Frisk, from Bloomfield Hills, MI .

Happy Birthday Ben!!!! I hope its the best one ever!!!!

Pamela Nix McBride

Dear Ben:

Happy Birthday!!!! Wish you a wonderful day with your dear family and friends!

Keep on rockin', you sure do have lots of fans and we want to hear more of your great music!


Isabel Gonzalez, from Tempe, Arizona.

Dear Ben, Wishing an amazing birthday to an amazing young man! We're so proud of you and we know your dad is, too. Keep on rockin'!

Kimberlee Kemble

You are really incredible dearest ladies. I knew you wouldn’t leave us alone, thanks so much for your party, we won’t forget this in years, right, Ben?

End Of The Party

Back home again. Look, on this room there’s people you sure know well, come on:

Happy Birthday Ben! You are, by far, one of the most authentic people I have ever met and worked with. You give more than most ever do in one life time. Have a fantastic day, superstar.

Love, Kathryn Keats

Ahhhhh my admired Kathryn Keats, great show you did together, thanks so much. And... oh, the fantastic Fred Anderson:

Ben, it is amazing that you were able to write such wonderful songs at the age of 12. I cannot wait to hear what you will accomplish at age 13 and beyond. Happy birthday. I am proud to know you."

Thanks, Fred, you’re always really kind to me.

"Happy birthday, Ben! Your star is on the rise!"

Ahhhhh Michael Manring, one of the musicians who performed with Ben at Yoshi's in Oakland, California. Thanks so much too.

Well, Ben, you had some good friends all over the world, you see. I’ve got teir presents in high resolution, I will send them to you, you must have it. Well, Kathy, Fred, Ben, dear rest of the family, with your permission, let me tell just these:

Music means everything for me. It's nice to see an artist creating, composing music, we're so thankful. Some songs becomes part of our lives, some tunes are unforgettable, some words are emotional. Musicians give us so much, so as Ben, a young talented artist growing more and more every day. Just I thought if we are so thankful with musicians for what they did, why not we make something for them? Jack Rabbit came up with this lyric when he was travelling by train to Madrid, to see Elton in concert. It's so hard to write stories, a natural ability not everybody has (you're not, dear rabbit). But music comes from heart, lyrics from heart too, so, why don't intend to do something for Ben, in this case. So finally I've got a song for him. Oh, yes, not as good as his, but hey, here you have:

Ben Babylon's Hymn
By Jack Rabbit

"Whispering out there, the keyboard kid
Beatifully in creation, a talent never seen
Picking out the right word, to join the key
Creating tender stories, oh some you have been

Superman guides you, with gentle hands
Heaven and earth, don't seems so far away
When heart reminds him, he's missed from the band
Irreplaceable King, eltonites would say


Ben Brown Babylon, reaching high tonight
Stepping the brick road, there's a long way
A number one to stardom, you have the right
Silence up slowly, the wizard will play

Music has no secrets, you will say
Working hard bravely, each night and day
Babylonists up there, strong on your side
Always will love you, get fun tonight

If someone is interested in the tune, Jack Rabbit has his own idea, just ask!


Jack Rabbit would like to thank you everyone's involved for sharing your time and for your collaboration.

Special thanks to Ben Tisik for his collaboration.