Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freeman Michaels interviewed Ben Babylon

So emotional! Freeman Michaels interviewed today Ben and Kathy Babylon on his show at 1400 KKZZ AM radio. Also it was Chasen, his music teacher. "Amazing young man" told Freeman when he was requested about how the interview went. "A lot of people are talented, but not everyone has permission to be extraordinary, like this young man" continued. And he has reason. Ben's an extraordinary guy. We could felt that when the first open chords of "Goodbye Superman" were on the airplay. "That's your song?" requested Freeman when Ben laughed "Yeah!". "When my dad passed away I've got so much things to say, and I thought that music could help me in that through" argumented Ben. The tribute to the late Guy Babylon, was described by Freeman like a "very touching song, a beatiful song in his own right".

The interview developed since Ben was very interested in music as an early age: "at 6 years old" what caused surprise to Freeman: "(It's) remarkable being able to write songs, lyrics, find the way to express your feelings to your dad in a language that you’re comfortable with. (To) write that song at 12 that’s impresive!" Ben talked about playing live with Kathryn Keats and being at school, in a rock school indeed: "(the school) help me so much with learning new things, and helping me writing my songs, it’s really great" he said.

Kathy Babylon jumped on the micro to remind the single produced by Guy Babylon for Nigel Olsson, explaining how Ben "always writes stories" and how he started playing piano at Elementary School. With emotion, she explained how she met Guy "when he played his keyboard, it was amazing". "You're an extension of your dad" asked Freeman to Ben: "yeah, he inspired me so much, seeing him on stage, on the studio, writing his songs, somehow (I've) got his gift. "He spent so many hours teaching, this is the way to play, and he teaches (Ben) exactly" continued Kathy.

"Ben is a gifted singer" added Chasen, his school teacher. Ben said that it was "pretty cool" to work with producer Greg Penny, that he is penning a new album, he has new songs created, specially he remarked "World Away", a song that "speaks about when a son loses his dad", a song which Kathy collaborates. Finally, Guy Babylon was honoured for Kathy as "such a fantastic man, he left so much love".

Freeman Michaels is the founder of the Service to Self™ Process, a life coaching program he designed and developed. Besides being a radio talk show host, he is a speaker, workshop trainer and author. He holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. Most importantly, Freeman holds a degree in life. His life degree has been earned by great success and fantastic failure. Everything, according to Freeman, has been a learning opportunity.

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