Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ben Shining At The Expo. New Single out!

Ben on the road again. Before the next opening show for Leon Russell, Ben was flying to Las Vegas for being part of the Elton Expo 2013. Jack Rabbit had the chance to speak with Ben, before departing to Las Vegas, where Ben was ready for debuting one new single: "Burning Man". The song, with enigmatic lyrics, were penned by him: "Burning man on a ledge, don't you know that you're the last thing we have / Come inside, burn alive / You can work on this new project that we have." 

So, Ben Babylon with his band debuted "Burning Man" on television for the first time on Friday, October 4, from the prestigious Gibson Las Vegas Showroom at KVVU FOX5 Television. The performance was aired locally on the entertainment program "More Access" on FOX5, with hosts Rachel Smith and Sean McAllister, and will be available online.

Asked about this project and, also, about the debut album, "Dreams For Sale" in the making, he kindly explained: " The album is expected to release late next year, but who knows. There is an EP out right now that is only sold at live concerts, called "Further Interpretations of Real Life." "Further Interpretations of Real Life" has six very cool songs on it, and "Dreams for Sale" is undetermined". Jack Rabbit asked if he still is continuing to writing songs for the album, and what Ben said was as follows: "I keep writing more and more songs, and I'm trying to pick which ones should go on the album. The problem is my style keeps changing, and changing again. You would definitely be able to hear that as the album goes through. Right now I have too many songs to go on one album, and I'm having a lot of problems deciding which ones should go on. And right when I think I have a good line-up, I write a new song." So Dreamers, you could imagine how busy is our idol in the process. 

But, as you all know and I said before, Ben was the guest of The Elton Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, at the Tuscany Suites Hotel, where he is performing one show. "I prepared for the Expo by practicing every day, and getting as much rehearsals in with my band as I possible could. I am playing many, many new songs at this show, and I am really showing a different side of me and my songwriting and the direction it's going" he added on the conversation with Jack Rabbit. Asked if he planned to play some of Elton's tunes, que agreed: "I plan on playing "Song for Guy" instrumentally with John Mahon at the concert, and then transition into "Burning Man," which John will also play with us. It is so amazing to be able to play with members from the EJ band. It's very surreal."

Davey Johnstone was also expected to be part of the show, and joined with Ben in some of his songs. Asked Davey Johnstone about Ben, for his coming Birthday, he sent his wishes: "I’ve known Ben since he was a bump in Kathy’s tummy, so yes, of course I wish him all the love and luck in the world for his birthday". He answered in, the website when he kindly is answering fan's questions, this time it was Jack Rabbit turn. More than this, Davey who was one of bests friends of keyboardist Guy Babylon, Ben's father, he continued explaining: "Also he really seems to want to be a full time rock and roll musician, so let’s wish him well down that road too. His Dad and I were the closest of friends and I will miss Guy always". In fact, Johnstone's son Charlie is following his steps too: "My son Charlie is also a killer of the keys and I’m jumping onstage with him too at the expo…..oops, I think I gave away a secret! Not to worry, these kids are the best and we all get the chance to see and hear how they progress…that’s the gift".

Most eltonites attended the event, as its expected, and some of them gave their impressions about the performance. Everyone is sure about Ben's potential and was surprised about his performance with the band. They really rock!

Ben's music is available on iTunes. Also, more information is available at his official site:

Pictures courtesy of Fred Anderson

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