Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy B-Day Ben Babylon: 16 Reasons to Believe in You

High at the stage: Ben has a considerable list of live performances and his live shows are growing every day too. Joined with a good band, with the excellence of Brian Schwartz on guitar, the amazing Jagger Krusen on drums and the greatest Alex Arnout playing bass, Ben is well supported and enhances his music.

An extended list of good songs: Ben penned some memorable tunes for his set. Tracks like "Goodbye Superman" and the single "Contradiciton" are ones of his best creations. Don't forgetlast single "Burning man", where Ben gives his best. And also tunes like "No Goodbyes On The Road", "

Professional: what surprises me most when I met Ben was how professional he is and how he loves music. He is working hard at the studio, rehearsing regularly with the band, studying and practising in a high level, singing and writing best every day. Work is the answer and he knows the answer

Patiente: he knows so well how difficult is music business and how important is to going step by step. Well advised, good team on his behalf, he knows exactly what to do in order to get his place in music business. And he is in the way

Young: Ben use to sing Fun's cover "We Are Young": "we can burn brighter than the sun" reads the lyrics, and he could. Young, with a lot of good experiences to live, opening at his tender youth to artists of the category of Leon Russell, Kenny Cetera, Ambrosia, Air Supply, etc.

Brilliant: Ben is so good. He understand keyboard and keyboard loves him. The perfect mix. Seeing Ben playing piano, with the band and also, solo, is a joyful experience. He is technically perfect, and perfeccionist, so imagine what he could reach ...

Illusion: Ben has passion for his music, even for his fans. He started at a tender age writing a beatiful rendition for his father, Guy Babylon. That song proved what Ben is able to do:writing and singing good music. And the illusion follows his steps in the business, the best way to grow every day, more and more

Remarkable: he's one of a kind. When you listen his music you appreciate some difference with other new artists to come. He excelles from the rest. It's not casual you could see Ben working with masters like Greg Penny, Martin Tillman, Davey Johnstone, John Mahon, Nigle Olsson, the unforgettable Bob Birch. They all believe in him.  .  

Talent: Son of the late Guy Babylon, one of best keyboardist I've ever seen, one of best musicians on Eltons band over the years. Ben has music in his genes. His mother Kathy Babylon also collaborate with Ben on backing vocals, and his uncle is the amazing producer Paul Brown

Harmony: a true musician, notes and chords had no much secrets for him, and he is always improving. The result, his songs, are the perfect expression of his thoughts, his stories, ...definteley, what he wants to explain.

Dilligent: careful and persevering in carrying out his tasks and duties. He is perfeccionist, as I said before, and he wants to deliver his best. Audience knows that. 

Ambition: just a clever point of ambicious, necessary if you wanted to reach some objectives, lol. 

Yesterday: Yesterday I thought Ben is magical, today I agree so much. A taste of his music and you will feel the same

Babylonists: Babylonist or dreamers, the way I used to call Ben's followers, we are growing day by day, and we are so proud of him and follow his success. The last performances on the Expo and everyone of the shows at the Canyon Studios, is proving that the list of fans doesn't stop growing

Elton: "You better watch out for this kid! He can really play!" are Elton's words. And anyone could discuss Elton's knowledge about music. He is the master, he has seen lots of bands and new artist to become, and he knows that Ben is special. Another keyboard wizard on the making.

Nice: Finally, the most important, he is a nice and a good person. So adorable, well educated, he likes to talk about music, of course, he loves his family and his friends, and also important, he loves his fans so much. A genuine person.

With love, 

Jack Rabbit

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