Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: Chzechian B-Day Party

Hello!!!!!!!! What’s happening here???? Oh, the Tišik’s family!!!!!! Hello you all!!!! Hi, Ben Tišik, nice to see you too!!!

My mom Chiara is a italian nurse, my Uncle Robert Eduard Vecchio is a storyteller and poet. We are a large family. We live in a small village near the woods. We are Eltonites! All!”. Right Ben!!!! But what’s all of this? Oh, great!!! Look Ben, some presents for you.

Chiara Canino-Tisik is a talented artist, I will add. Look at the beatiful postcard she did. Wow, that’s chocolate? Jack Rabbit’s crazy with the chocolate. Stand up, Rabbit!!! “I am a nurse / health visitor for the blind and physically handicapped persons and sometimes I play in a band as a drummer” Really???? Wow, didn’t knew that. Oh, that’s great!!!! You’re very popular in facebook for your very beatiful postcards, I have one, it’s on my eltonites blogsite, you were so nice to send me that wonderful card.

Hi Robert Eduard Vecchio, another artist of the family. What a beatiful card too, Rob! “I'm a writer, poet, charity volunteer, percussionist and keyboardist. disability pensioner” oh, now I understand why the fan of John Mahon Czechian Club is... you!!!! A percussionist like you. Wow!!! “And since August 2010 I was the director of the Elton John fan club "Nikita.CZ". I am a fan of those websites, really. Love it so much.

Hi Samuel J. Tisik, the sound engineer and teacher of the family “and caring for horses and nanny”: Oh, you’re very busy, really. I love your postcard for Ben, too!!! That’s wonderful!! Someone said me that you’re a trekkie. Ahhhhhh, and an eltonite I suppose!!! Right!!!

And Mia Rachel? How are you, dear friend? That’s really a very beatiful postcard!!! The cake!!! Couldn’t forget the cake!!! “I love talking to people.” Oh,so what do you recommend about your country, then? Prague is a great town for walking, as the historic district is compact, interesting and full of fun things to see and do. In addition, Prague's history has been well preserved and Praga has become of tourist favorite for a day or two stay. Oh, beatiful city to live. Ben, we could come here other time, with more time, and not have to rush around.

Finally, the treasure of the family, and a really good friend of both. That’s a wonderful present for Ben Babylon, boy. Open hands, a nice friendship sign, a piano on a glass ball, so enjoyable!!! I am sure you boys have a lot of things to speak, really, but I am afraid it’s time. We have to goodbye, sorry.

Continue in what you do! Write music! Because your music is wonderful, great, fantastic! We love it!” Ben to Ben. “He is an amazing man! Wonderful musician! I can never find the right words when I talk about you. But thank God for that, Ben knows.

Yes, you know Ben. That’s a very beatiful friendship. Oh, Ben, Tišik, this time, why don’t you join us on the travelling plan and come with us? I am sure Chiara would love it, right? Trust in Jack Rabbit, Chiara.

“There’s No Goodbyes On The Road”, Chiara, I love that quote to and really appropiated now. Thanks for all, having a good time here too. Bye!!!!

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