Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: Polish B-Day Party

“Hello!!!!!!!!!!!, anyone there????” The greatest Dagmara Lakomi.

Best wishes Ben! I wish You luck in Your musical life!!! Enjoy playing with Elton ;)

Oh, thank you, Dagmara. She’s one of the most passionate fans of Elton, “It was on September 2nd 2oo6. He was performing a concert in Sopot. My mum encouraged me to watch that event on TV. I didn't know about him at all then, and I did.” Always is great to remind Elton’s first experience. She’s also so supportive to the Babylonist cause, so it’s great to be here.

I love sport and animals”, as you Ben, “Ben plays soccer, a good mid-field player, eh, Ben?”. And your country? Krakow is the perfect introduction for the first time visitor to Poland. The city was left unscarred by the Second World War and today stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Warsaw is a city with a point to prove. Overlooked by many tourists for the more obvious delights of Krakow, Warsaw has more than enough sights to cater for the "city break" tourist. Right, Dagmara? "Warsaw isn't the prettiest city in Poland. You should visit Bielsko-Biała ;);)Zakopane and Sopot because there is a beautiful habitat. I like nature more than monuments personally ;)but if You want to see buildings You may come to Warsaw and Kraków or Gdańsk and of course B-B;)". Oh, great then!!!!

We must go, Dagmara, so sorry. A pleasure to have seen you. Bye!!!!

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