Tuesday, October 19, 2010

End Of The Party

Back home again. Look, on this room there’s people you sure know well, come on:

Happy Birthday Ben! You are, by far, one of the most authentic people I have ever met and worked with. You give more than most ever do in one life time. Have a fantastic day, superstar.

Love, Kathryn Keats

Ahhhhh my admired Kathryn Keats, great show you did together, thanks so much. And... oh, the fantastic Fred Anderson:

Ben, it is amazing that you were able to write such wonderful songs at the age of 12. I cannot wait to hear what you will accomplish at age 13 and beyond. Happy birthday. I am proud to know you."

Thanks, Fred, you’re always really kind to me.

"Happy birthday, Ben! Your star is on the rise!"

Ahhhhh Michael Manring, one of the musicians who performed with Ben at Yoshi's in Oakland, California. Thanks so much too.

Well, Ben, you had some good friends all over the world, you see. I’ve got teir presents in high resolution, I will send them to you, you must have it. Well, Kathy, Fred, Ben, dear rest of the family, with your permission, let me tell just these:

Music means everything for me. It's nice to see an artist creating, composing music, we're so thankful. Some songs becomes part of our lives, some tunes are unforgettable, some words are emotional. Musicians give us so much, so as Ben, a young talented artist growing more and more every day. Just I thought if we are so thankful with musicians for what they did, why not we make something for them? Jack Rabbit came up with this lyric when he was travelling by train to Madrid, to see Elton in concert. It's so hard to write stories, a natural ability not everybody has (you're not, dear rabbit). But music comes from heart, lyrics from heart too, so, why don't intend to do something for Ben, in this case. So finally I've got a song for him. Oh, yes, not as good as his, but hey, here you have:

Ben Babylon's Hymn
By Jack Rabbit

"Whispering out there, the keyboard kid
Beatifully in creation, a talent never seen
Picking out the right word, to join the key
Creating tender stories, oh some you have been

Superman guides you, with gentle hands
Heaven and earth, don't seems so far away
When heart reminds him, he's missed from the band
Irreplaceable King, eltonites would say


Ben Brown Babylon, reaching high tonight
Stepping the brick road, there's a long way
A number one to stardom, you have the right
Silence up slowly, the wizard will play

Music has no secrets, you will say
Working hard bravely, each night and day
Babylonists up there, strong on your side
Always will love you, get fun tonight

If someone is interested in the tune, Jack Rabbit has his own idea, just ask!


Jack Rabbit would like to thank you everyone's involved for sharing your time and for your collaboration.

Special thanks to Ben Tisik for his collaboration.

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  1. You did an amazing job with this round the world party! Your song is beautiful as is your heart! I had a fun time going around the world.

    BTW, Happy Birthday Ben. Like I told you this morning, 13 years ago was one of the happiest days of my life! I am so proud to be your aunt.

    Love, hugs, and chocolate chip cookies,