Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: Scottish B-Day Party

Yuhuuuu!!!! Who’s there? Ohhhhh, that incredible Wendy Mullen, the scottish eltonite!!! Ahhhhh such nice to see you, Wendy. Do you have place for three huckleberry friends? Hahahahaha, I will present you Ben, Ben Babylon.

Dear Ben,

Have a wonderful birthday, you are such a talented young man and we are all so proud of you. Have a fun day !

Ben Tisik join us in our journey!!! Wendy is a very special friend from facebook. Anywhere to visit? I heard that Edinburgh has everything: high culture and haute couture, stand-up comedy and country walks, and of course Edinburgh Castle, perched on its volcanic crag overlooking the mediaeval buildings of the 'Old Town' and the magnificent Georgian architecture of the 'New Town'. We must go there, boys!!!!

Thanks Wendy, for all, bye!!!!

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