Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: Brazilian B-Day Party

Not tired, boys? We crossed the Atlantic, we are in South America!!!! Brazil, ahhhh those so much passionate eltonites from Brazil. Hi there!!!!!!!!!! Hi girls, miss ya so much!!!

“Happy Birthday Ben.....Hope your day is great and I wish you many blessings in the years ahead!!!!!!!!!!”

Ahhhh that great Ana Sousa. “Living in South America is hard for an Elton fan, not only because he does not perform here regularly, but also because it’s very difficult to find items related to him, except for his albums. I would say to all of the Elton fans around the world to never lose an opportunity of attending one of his concerts. They are the best, you won’t regret. It’s the best experience you can ever live.” Right!!!! That’s true!!!!

Leila Santiago!!!!! So nice to see you too!!! Oh, that’s wonderful!! “It was marvellous when I was in Las Vegas to see "Red Piano" in 2008. I can see Elton. I sat in third row and vision angle was Elton and Guy Babylon. I laugh all the time because I fulfilled my dream”. “Song From America”: I love it, pretty beatiful. I didn't know anything about this song, but it's an incredible song, thanks Leila. Milton Nascimiento is a great artist for sure, I know about him "Nada sera como antes" or "Tudo che voce queria ser", great songs, classics, but not this one. “The translation is the message to Ben: Song of America”. Thanks!!!

Vera Rio!!!!!! “It's a simple message but "... it's the best I can do ...", with love for this wonderful boy!” Ahhhhhh wonderful!!!!!!! You’re so kind too!!! “I love going to the beach, enjoy the sun, walk in the sand. I also like reading (any literary genre) and being with friends to talk, listen to good music and relax from the stressful routine of work. At last but not at least, to contact with other Elton's fans (in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and around the world via the web). After all we just form a big family!”. Right, you’re a big family!!! Muito Grato, Brazil!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ben. I hope you like my message. Because when I heard the song "Song of America" I remember my father. Who died in 1984. He had cancer. Leila from Brasil.

  2. Hi Ben,
    Congratulations!!! I wish that your days be blessed, and that you find the way for happines. You have a great talent, and will certainly have a successful career. Go ahead!
    Happy Birthday, health, peace!
    With Love
    Dalva from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  3. Happy Birthday Ben. I hope your day was great and I wish you many blessings in the years to come!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ana Sousa - Brazil

  4. By mistake, I delete this, so sorry Vera Rio. This is for you, Ben:


    I hope it was a great day, filled with great emotions with all your friends, family and especially with your dear mother Kathy.
    That you receive in your life the best gifts that God has in store for you.Love,joys,health and that all your dreams come true!You deserve it!

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Vera from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil