Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Stop: Italian B-Day Party

Ciao Italy!!!! We’re here!!! The Bens and the rabbit. Ahhhhhhhhh those italian babylonists friends, miss you so much!!!!

Oh, that beatiful Silvia Corsaletti, welcoming us with that beatiful and heartfelt poster. We all love Ben’s “Goodbye Superman” song.

“Life is wonderful even if sometimes if it seems so hard!” nice line, but as Elton says “if your friends are there, then everything is alright”. Good quote too!!! “I love the EJ Band! Special for me is Nigel Olsson I had the pleasure of meeting him in person backstage at a concert by Elton in London several years ago. Couldn't forget Guy Babylon, his memory will stay forever in my heart!” oh, Silvia, that’s so nice. Silvia is a kind of friend she’s always there, on your side, a very special person. A true eltonite for sure: “I would like to ask to him how he feels during the concerts and what he thinks, while he sits there to sing in front of us and we cry for him! A curious question isn't it?” oh, Ben could answer that very soon, eh? Good!!!!

Here a very friend of mine, my italian brother, Andrea Sganzerla. He sent me postcards for you, Ben, I’ve got it home, recall me to give them to you, please, Ben.

Dear Ben,

Music let everyone be a better person and it has also changed my own life. However, few artists can change the music and make it great. May you be one of these!

Take care your friend and fan from Venice

Ahhhh Venice, that romantic place!!! Your postcards from Venice are the most wonderful ones I’ve ever seen. Guess what, Bens? We couldn’t stop talking about Elton when we meet, right, Andrea? “The episode that has changed my life was the concert in the arena of Verona in 1989!!!! Was my first big concerts: and after that, I've seen live many time Elton and many many best artist of the world”, yes, and Ben following hehe “My girl Elena is a fan too!! Take care having a great birthday!!!!” Ahhhhh regards to the wonderful Elena, Andrea. Wish you all the best.

Oh, can you hear this music? Listen!!!! That’s “Friends” right? That’s Elton? No, but it sounds maybe better than his version!!!! Ahhhhhh that white piano!!! Such amazing experience. Look, Giorgio Onorato Aquilani and you, Ben, have played with John Mahon!!! Other time, the three together, promise me? Yes, Giorgio,

“Dearest Ben

In this special day you're placing a new important brick on that weird road of yours called life... Use all your talent to become huge star and a better man. We're here to support, waiting to live our emotions through the sound of your music.


Giorgio, you’re such a talented artist. You and Ben will fight for Number 1 soon. Thanks so much for your song, Giorgio. It’s a pity, but we have to leave Italy!!!

People, we come back again soon!!!! Bye!!!!

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