Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tsssst tsssst tssssst!!!! Wake Up, Ben!!!!!

Ben!!!! This is Jack Rabbit, please weak up!!! Yes, Jack Rabbit, Jack Rabbit!!!!! From Spain!!! Remember me? Are you sleeping, do you, right? Wake up!!! Do you know what's today??? Turn On the Radio, Turn On the Radio!!!!! But on 1400 KKZZ not other, eh?

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Happy Birthday, Ben!!!! That incredible and great Freeman Michaels always ready to be on your side, today too!!! That's a nice person!!!! You couldn't imagine Freeman would wake you up today, hey? He made a pause on his succesful radio programme "Freeman Michaels Show", "the inspirational radio for life-long learners" he says. Wow!!!! That's great!!!!

Oh, it's earlier in the morning but we have so much things to do!!! Just listen this old Rabbit!!!! You know it's your Birthday, right?

You know how much we love you, true? So don't make noise, just follow me, we are invited to a party, to some parties? whatever!!!!! Just believe in me, dress up fast, take everything needed and follow me!!!

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