Friday, October 7, 2011

Buying Dreams

Hello Babylonists: what had to happen, finally happens: the highly expected Ben Babylon's debut album is ready to be released. Scheduled for early 2012, first single "Contradiction" is coming out this month.

“Goodbye Superman”, the moving tribute 11 year old kid wrote for his late father, the brilliant Guy Babylon, who passed away in September 2009, showed Ben's amazing talent and proved he’ll make it far in the music industry. Produced by Greg Penny, with the collaboration of Jesse Johnstone, the emotional track, performed for the first time at the memorial service, had all the characteristics to be considered a masterpiece. Performed live publicly for the first time, along with Kathryn Keats, it thrilled an audience stunned by the quality treasured boy. The same piece was performed live, too, along with members of Elton John's band, what it was an extraordinary experience for Ben.

Meanwhile Ben took the time to learn and form himself and, also, participating in numerous concert gigs, including the recent Malibu Show, Zuma Rock Festival or Music Nation, among others. Sometimes accompanied by his mentor and friend, Chasen Hampton; other times with his three-piece band: Alex Arnaout on bass, himself on piano / keyboards and lead vocals and Jagger Krusen on drums, but always with great success, for both the public and its legion of fans, growing more and more everyday, and, also (and very important too) of music criticism, all overcome the talent of Ben, his maturity, his brilliant compositions, his piano playing. There are many versions that Ben has tried, whenever a high note: including "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage The Elephant, "Don't Stop The Music" by Rihanna, and "Fred Jones, Pt. 2" by Ben Folds. We have also been fortunate to hear some of his own songs: "No Goodbyes On The Road", "Walk Away" or "Write Your Own Song", some will be on the album, others will be saved for another time.

Either way, the future (and present) of the boy shown splendid. With the illusion on the top, with great album collaborations, counting John Mahon, Bob Birch, Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Martin Tillman and ... others, the expectation is more than ever. We can follow him on twitter, facebook, on its official website, on fansites, because Ben is not alone: ​​we will be at his side, supporting and loving. A debut album should be very special and the quality of it, for those who have been fortunate to take a listen, is striking and awesome.

Jack Rabbit has thought of devoting time to celebrate the month of October to Ben Babylon, and he has said he gave another tour around the world looking for surprises. If last year were virtual birthday-parties in so many countries, this year he had to do something special. And not just because it is his birthday, next October 20th, also to celebrate the release of the single.

To this end, we pray, remain very attentive to events and get on board: the month of Ben Babylon has just begun.

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